Control most electronic devices with one remote


Let’s face it – in the world we live in, there are so many electronics that surround us and each one comes with a remote control. Keeping track of multiple devices all around the house can be too much of a hassle. Let’s make life easier! Sync your appliances with just a push of a button and get complete control.


We offer universal remotes that can control any and multiple electronic devices you have in your home. Whether you’re just looking to control a TV and sound system in your living room or an entire home theater system in your basement, we’ve got you covered. Call today!


Electronic Wizards offers Logitech universal remotes for your home or business.  Stop looking and crawling under the couch to find the right remote control and start enjoying more time watching videos and TV. 

Once we synch your universal remote to your appliances and home or office systems, you will never have to worry if it’s programmed properly.

Contact Electronic Wizards today, and be sure to get the best value offer with our $49 in-home consultation.

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Simplify your home entertainment area today.